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Sandman Items Bot AQWorlds

On this occasion, Dansverine will share the Sandman Items Bot AQW. By using this Items Bot, you can get a variety of interesting ACs items from the Boss Drop Event.

This bot can be run on the latest version of Grimoire. You also need to set up the bot first before use, for example adjusting the class used in the bot.

You can also modify the bot to suit the class being used. You might be able to see Best Solo Classes to make it easier to choose classes for solo bosses.

Sandman Items Bot AQWorlds

You can get a set of weapon, armor, helmet, cape, and pet items from Drop Boss using this bot. These items are obtained from a monster named Sandman who is in the Dreamers Act 4 (/join dreamact4).

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Items obtained from the Sandman Items Bot

  1. Cosmic Slashers (AC)
  2. Grain of Sand (AC)
  3. Sand Golem (AC)
  4. Sand Golem Cape (AC)
  5. Sand Golem Helm (AC)
  6. Sand Golem Staff (AC)

Download Dricken Items Bot

[Grimoire 3.8+] via Google Drive

Request AQWorlds Bot

If you have questions about AQWorlds Bot and Request Bot, please go to the following Request Page page:

Final Word

That is the Sandman Items Bot, with this bot, it is hoped that it can help in Farming Items from Drop Boss.

If you want a bot request, you can submit it to the page I created above. Don't forget to share if you think this Bot is useful for your friends.

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