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How to Fix Grimoire Flash Player Issues (New Update 2021)


On this occasion, Dansverine will share a very trick useful for those of you who enjoy AQW bots.

Because currently the flash player has stopped service, the game is AQWorlds can no longer be played, except by using the Artix Launcher.

Also, all aqw bots are currently disabled again because of the flash player problem.


How to Fix Grimoire Flash Player Issues

To solve this problem, Dansverine has a very solution easy to do so you can use the aqw and grimoire bots again.

Here are the steps to fix Grimoire Flash Player Issues:

  1. Download Grimoire 3.8+ PRO v1.6.4

    If you already have it before, you don't need to download it again. If not yet, please download here

  2. Download RunAsDate (32-Bit)

    This software serves to run a program in date and time you can define. You can download here.

    Well because the flash player stopped its program on January 12th 2021, then you can change the date and time before the 12th January 2021 in order to use the flash player.

  3.  Once downloaded, the Application to Run option: select the application Grimoire 3.8 PRO v1.6.4
  4. Set date and time to 1/1/2020, or whatever, the point should be before 12 January 2021
  5. Check the option Move the time forward according to the real time.
  6. Next, select Run to run Grimoire without experiencing an error.

Screenshot for Proof

12 January 2021, 12:57 AM


So that's the article about how to deal with Grimoire Error Flash Player Issues. Hopefully this article can be useful for you who still play the AQWorlds game in 2021.

Don't forget to share with your friends via social media everyone can run AQWorlds Bot easily and enjoy AQW games.

10 komentar untuk "How to Fix Grimoire Flash Player Issues (New Update 2021)"

  1. Thanks a lot ,man. Appreciate the help.

  2. how to solved flash problems when using a linux..??

    1. Maybe u can use software wine, or use VirtualBox then install windows

  3. doesnt work, my grimore automatically closed after run it with run as date :/

    1. What version of Grimoire are you using?

    2. me too, my grimore force close, im using grimoire 3.8+

    3. Now you can use grimoire v1.7.8 Eol Patched, I updated it in the previous post.

  4. Hi, I used this method and it suddenly stopped working, what can I do?

    1. You can use grimoire v1.7.8 Eol Patched, I updated it in the previous post.

  5. RunAsDate download link took me to "Let's Make a Deal.gbot" download file