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Download Grimoire 3.8+ PRO New Update 2021

This is Grimoire 3.8+ PRO v1.6.4 which is the latest version of Grimoire Bot AQWorlds.

Grimoire is the Best AQWorlds Bot because it has very features complete which is very useful for farming in AQW games.

There are several versions of Grimoire, including Grimoire 3.8 and 3.9 from Biney, Grimoire 3.8 from EmperorArt, and Grimoire 3.8+ PRO v1.6.4 New Update 2021 from Satan Razer.

Grimoire PRO has the latest additional features, which are not owned by previous versions. 


Grimoire 3.8+ PRO Bot AQWorlds

 I have tried this latest version and the results work, it can be run with easy. I didn't encounter any problems opening Grimoire 3.8+ PRO.  


Image Preview Grimoire 3.8+ PRO

Bot Client

Bot Options

Plugin Manager

SWF Cosmetics

New Feature Grimoire 3.8+ PRO

  1. Gender Swap
  2. Untarged Self
  3. Buff Up
  4. Anti-AFK
  5. Anonymous Chat
  6. Anonymous Room
  7. SWF Cosmetics
  8. Logs
  9. Notepad
  10. Added Client Functions
  11. Fixed some bugs when running Bots
  12. Fixed Server Problems
  13. Added several new plugins: Auto Following, Merge Quest Glitch, Quest Grabber, Temporary Armor, User Stat Plugin.


How to Fix Grimoire 3.8+ PRO Error

If you encounter problems opening Grimoire 3.8+ Pro, you can enter to the page below.

There you will find ways to fix the newest Grimoire 2021.


Download Grimoire 3.8+ PRO New Update 2021

Download Grimoire 3.8 Patched (New Update 2021)

Download Grimoire 3.8+ PRO v1.6.4 (New Update 2021)

Download Grimoire Fixed Flash Player Issues (New Update 2021)
Download Grimoire 3.8 PRO v1.7.8 EoL Patched (NEW UPDATE FIXED AND WORKING !!!)

Download Le Bot 10 New Update 2021

Download Le Bot 12 New Update 2021


So that's Grimoire 3.8+ PRO New Update 2021. Hopefully with this bot you can more easily get items in the AQWorlds game.

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