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Unidentified 25 Bot AQWorlds

In this post Dansverine will share Unidentified 25 AQW Bots which is useful for the Unidentified 25 farm obtained from Quest The Assistant which can run on Grimoire 3.8+ or Le Bot 9.9. Unidentified 25 is needed for merge shop and quest from Nulgath. Unidentified 25, you can use it to Archfiend Warlord Merge Shop NPC Lae in Tercessuinotlim. With this bot, you will find it easier to farm Unidentified 25, as well as farm Unidentified 10, Unidentified 13, Unidentified 22, Unidentified 23, Unidentified 24, Vouchers of Nulgath (non-mem) and other Nulgath Reagent easily and quickly.

To be able to run this bot, you must have a level 50 AQW account because you must enter the Battleground Area. Read: Fastest Leveling Bot AQWorlds.

If you want to be faster, please use Gold Boost and XP Boost to make it easier to collect gold. What is needed to complete The Assistant Quest. For maximum farm results, use Class AoE Blaze Binder because can fight 3 monsters at once and enter Glitch Room .

New Fastest Unidentified 25 Bot AQWorlds

So that the results can be maximized, please glitch the room first so that the monster respawn is faster and more drop items. Or if you are lazy, you can go to room / tercessuinotlim-9999. There must be a lot of players who are using bots too.

Unidentified 25 Bot Commands:

  1. Enter Room /battlegrounde-9999
  2. Kill Monsters, collect gold up to 3,900,000.
  3. Enter Room /yulgar-69696969
  4. Buy War-Torn Memorabilia items
  5. Turn-in The Assistant Quest, automatically enters the drop item quest into inventory.
  6. Restart the Bot, if gold has run out.

How to Use Unidentified 25 Bot AQWorlds on Le Bot:

  1. Extract the downloaded file first
  2. Login using Le Bot 9.9
  3. Then open Bot Manager in the Menu at the top of Le Bot
  4. Then click Load and then select Unidentified 25 Bot AQWorlds - Dansverine.com.dmbot
  5. Then press Enable Bot, the bot will run.

How to use Unidentified 25 AQWorlds Bot on Grimoire:

  1. Extract the downloaded file first
  2. Then move the Unidentified 25 Bot.gbot file to the Grimoire folder; Grimoire 3.8+ \ Release \ Bots
  3. AQW login uses Grimoire 3.8+
  4. Then open the Bot in the Menu at the top of Grimoire
  5. Or you can pass the Load Bot in the Misc menu
  6. Next select Unidentified 25 Bot AQWorlds - Dansverine.com.gbot
  7. Then click Start to start Bot.

Download Unidentified 25 Bot:

[Grimoire 3.8+] via Google Drive

[Le Bot 9.9] via Google Drive

Request AQWorlds Bot:

If you have questions about AQWorlds Bot and Request Bot, please go to the following Request Page page:

Maybe that's all that Dansverine can share about Unidentified 25 Bot AQWorlds. Hopefully with this bot, you can easily get Unidentified 25 and complete the Quest from Nulgath quickly.Don't forget to share so that all AQWorlds players can enjoy the AQWorlds game.

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